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5th  International Conference on Palaeo-Arctic Spatial and Temporal (PAST) Gateways

The 5th International PAST Gateways conference will be held at Kristineberg Research Station, Sven Lovén Centre for marine infrastructure at the University of Gothenburg, 451 78 Fiskebäckskil, at the Swedish west coast, from 22 - 26 May 2017.

Note: Due to space in the conference venue the maximum number of participants must be restricted to 75. Please register in time, as we need to apply a first-come first-served policy for the incoming registrations. Accomodation at the Research Station is limited to 60 participants. The nearby Hotel Gullmarsstrand offers additional accomodation, see Venue .

Important dates:
The 5th International PAST Gateways conference welcomes contributions on the following overarching themes, but is not confined to those:
Conference Organization: